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Dear Reader

Will I know you? Will I find you in the crowd? Will I have a face for your name? I have known you some time now, you are my friend, my student, my colleague, my wife, my child. Will you be where I think you are? Will you face change as you see me, will I see that you know me? Will you help me find you? Will I know your hair or your clothes? Will you look like someone else? Will I call you by the wrong name, or greet the wrong person with yours? Will I know if you are? Don’t leave my sight, I may never find you again.

I fear the shopping centre. I know that when you go to one shop and I to another that I will fear losing you. I fear the early morning entrance to the college. I know that when I see you, that your face will have a sign that reads “Student of yours” but not wear your name. I fear the school concert. I know that I will search the ranks of the choir and pass my eyes over five blonde haired eleven year olds before knowing that one of them is you. I face the Bahá’í Feast with trepidation. I know that in 19 days you may have changed your hair, that I will wait for you to speak before I acknowledge our fellowship.

Will you tell me what you are thinking? Will you give me a clue how you feel?

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