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from Mad Hercules – Queensland Theatre Company 2002

Download Megara.wav Right click to download 43.8 mb

“Megara”, from Queensland Theatre Company’s production of Mad Hercules in 2002, is included in this dissertation primarily to illustrate the concept of Overload that results in fractured hearing. It is constructed from various phrases and musical elements that have been cut up and re-arranged, repeated and looped. It is not random but built to illustrate the feeling of chaotic timelessness that the phenomenon creates.

In this production I was fortunate to work with Scott Witt, a director with whom I had passing contact with in the past. His brief was “I like your stuff, what would you like to do?” I responded that I would like to use sound like colour through the production, to paint the air. Soundscapes such as “Megara” ended up underscoring the entire piece. I painted sounds with gold and silver sounds representing the Gods, and reds and browns such as this one representing the mortals.

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