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"Sloth" was part of Zen Zen Zo's Those With Lucifer production in 2005, which explored the Seven Deadly Sins using Butoh-derived forms of physical theatre. Although I contributed several pieces to the production, Sloth was not one of them. In 2009 the company took a showcase production, Zeitgeist, to Edinburgh and also the Adelaide Fringe, and I was asked to create a new piece for the original choreography.

I obtained a video of the dance with its attendant music and mapped out the structure. Apart from tempo and and form, the piece is quite different from the original, but maintains its playful attributes.

I include it in this dissertation for two reasons. Firstly it gives some indication of the lighter side of my work with Zen Zen Zo, and secondly it shows the results of a secondary mode of composition, where the movement and choreography is fully set, and the music responds to it, as opposed to other times when the music and movement co-evolve.

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