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from The Tempest – Zen Zen Zo 2010
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Miranda was written for Zen Zen Zo’s 2010 production of The Tempest. It is another example of an unexpected emotion, but this time the Director came to me with an expectation of the unexpected! To paraphrase, “I expect you’ll give me something unexpected for this scene, so just go ahead and surprise me.” My notes from the early meeting say:

“We meet Miranda. Prospero tells of how they came to be on the island. Miranda is closeted, protected, but there is a sense of worldly magic about her.”

The piece draws on my own ideas of child-like play, and the realisation of agency – I can make things happen. I drew for inspiration that wonderful scene in the first Harry Potter movie when Harry makes the glass front of a zoo exhibit disappear and allows the snake to escape. There is a certain slow-motion, wide eyed awe. At least, that was the intention, and yes, the Director was surprised.

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