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Complexities from Zeitgeist Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (c) Morgan Roberts 2009

Complexities from Zeitgeist Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (c) Morgan Roberts 2009

Dear Reader

Through these video recorded interviews, I am beginning to see a much deeper complexity in people than I thought possible. When I have caught glimpses in individuals in the past I have often been surprised, then fascinated - sometimes to extremes. My colleague called it a "creative crush". She says it happens on every film set.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. Not good at the moment. I seem to have, perhaps arrogantly, considered myself the ultimate in complexity. Anyway, I'm not comfortable.

But it might explain some of my interest in theatre making - in characters that are reduced compared to reality and where I can see the layers being built. I love to watch actors putting on the cloak of character, perfecting a mannerism and pouring the whole (but ultimately simplified) being into a moment of meaning.

It is interesting that the simplified, "flat" medium of the screen reveals even more of the complexities of real life.

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