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Thanks to

Dr Brydie-Leigh Bartleet for believing, and giving me permission to not know the answers

Professor Huib Schippers for keeping my feet on the ground

Phil Tyrer at for the beauty and function of the website

Dr Stephen Emmerson for reminding me that uniqueness is the domain of all

Stavros Halvatsis for the title

Professor Paul Draper for conning me into research in the first place and not for mincing words

Dr Gerado Dirie for rarely saying anything directly, but with poetry

My colleagues at JMC Brisbane for discussions and proofreading. Carol for her support and Manny for telling me about flying.

My family for being there

To photographers Richard Dyson, Morgan Roberts, Simon Woods, Christabelle Baranay and to Zen Zen Zo members and company for granting permission to build this site around these beautiful images.

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