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Richard Dyson (Trixta)

Hi Colin,

I am totally comfortable for you to use any of the images on flickr (if you need better quality ones, let me know and I will go back to the original file which is approximately 23mb large). I also recorded one of the performances on DVD, you should be able to get a copy from Mark Hill if you would like to use any of the sections from there.

I look forward to seeing the output as your work progresses, it must have been a fantastic experience to have worked from the inception to the launch of the show!

Best wishes.


Richard Dyson

4 2F3 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA

Tel: 0131 556 7181

Mob: 07977 035847

-- -

Hi Richard

I have found the full set of images now.

My thesis has two web based components, one of which is a static site

for doctoral publication, the other is a live wordpress site. Neither

will go "live" until after the assessment at the end of the year, but

I will give you some access to allow you to see the context.

There are three things I'd really like to do.

1. Use a couple of images within my static site (cited to you)

2. Link your Flikr gallery within the wordpress site

3. Use some of the images among others from australia in a montage

with music from the show within both sites. Documentation will be in

text and in a few frames at the end "photos by Richard Dyson, Simon

Woods and Morgan Roberts"

I will be sending you full versions of the music from Zeitgeist for

your listening pleasure real soon.


Colin Webber

On 20/08/2009, at 4:50 PM, Trixta Photography wrote:

> Colin,


> Just to let you know that I have photographed the show now and there

> are

> more photographs available at


> As well as a photographer, I am also a musician and thought the

> combination

> of ZZZ and your music was fantastic. I would love to be able to

> listen to

> the music again without having a camera infront of my face as well -

> it

> seemed to work brilliantly.



> Richard Dyson

> 4 2F3 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA

> Tel: 0131 556 7181

> Mob: 07977 035847





> -- - Original Message-- -

> From: Colin Webber []

> Sent: 16 August 2009 23:56

> To:

> Subject: Zen Zen Zo photos


> Hi

> I saw your wonderful photos of Zen Zen Zo on Flickr. I write most

> of their

> music, including Zeitgeist. I am doing a Doctorate involving my

> work with

> them so am keen to access any photos. Would be give me permission

> to use

> them (credited of course)?

> Regards

> Colin Webber


From: Morgan Roberts Photography

Subject: Re: Thesis

Date: 16 October 2009 1:43:51 PM AEST

To: Colin Webber

Absolutely fine mate, if you need higher res of any just email them to me!


Sent from my iPhone

On 16/10/2009, at 12:59 PM, Colin Webber <> wrote:

Hi Morgan

I need to talk to you about using your ZZZ photos for my thesis

The thesis will eventually end up on the web as a public document, and your wonderful images have become a significant part of my expression.

ARe you happy to grant me permission to use them in this way, and to crop, montage and use them in movies for this purpose?

All images will be tagged and your ownership identified


Colin Webber


Informed Consent Documents Available on Request.

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