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Hi Colin,

Nice to hear from you (we are currently rehearsing ZEITGEIST to take it to the Nelson Festival in New Zealand this weekend so it's great timing!) We thanked you in our Gratitude Circle yesterday:)

"The emotional content for TERROR/KOBE is grief. But the cast all agree that it's mixed with a sense of hope - inspired by the courage and tenacity displayed by human beings in times of crisis and in the face of unspeakable circumstances. For me personally, it is a dance of reincarnation - the dancers die and are reborn over and over in the dance. There is a deep sadness inherent in the peace, but also a beauty born out of adversity and human courage. In its original manifestation it was about the Kobe earthquake, as you know. It was a tragic time, but after the initial shock, my memories are of the stories of human beings' courage and generosity in helping each other through this crisis.

The music was completely opposite to what I expected you to write. But as you know, I think one of the reasons this piece is still in our repertoire, and one of the favourite dances we have ever created, is because of the music which juxtaposed the tragedy. I can only describe it as "sublime" - filled with the poignancy of life. Sometimes life is almost unbearable painful, but at the same time it so full of beauty and joy and hope. I think this dance/music is a great example of two artists coming together to create something greater than anything we could do alone. In my opinion, it is a masterpiece (as often mentioned in the media quotes at the Edinburgh Festival, ha ha). It is also a great example of a piece where the music is in major and the choreography is in minor - I didn't need to do much because it was already so dense and rich musically."

Yes you can quote me:)

Hope you and the family are all well.

Thanks once again for your incredible legacy to this company.


Lynne Bradley

Artistic Director

Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre

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Hi Lynne

I need a favour.

What is the over riding emotional content of the MOVEMENT of the Terror piece?

How does this match / juxtapose the music?

Can I quote you?


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