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Mirror from Those With Lucifer Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (c) Morgan Roberts 2008

Mirror from Those With Lucifer Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (c) Morgan Roberts 2008

Dear Reader

I have looked in the mirror rather a lot over the past few years. Many times it has seemed as if the person I saw there was was not the person I thought I was. I'm more comfortable now but there are still surprises and a few too many unknowns, which other people might be able to answer - or I might go looking a bit more when I (and my family) recover from the Doctorate. This dissertation in publication will be an open document as well as a living one.

So the questions I want to ask next are these:

  • Do I really not feel music, or do I not recognise that I do? Is alexithymia overriding cognitive empathy?
  • Are those "over the top" musical feelings that some other people describe real?
  • What is really happening when I become "fascinated" by music, my own or that of others? Is that arousal triggered by emotion or intellect? If it is emotional, can I access it?
  • What is the real relationship between social empathy and feeling music?
  • Do other Asperger composers share my experiences?
  • Is oxytocin really a factor in studios?
  • How can I take my "music-making empathy" out of the studio?
  • At my age, how do I improve my eye contact? Will it help or overwhelm me?
  • How many others make their own Virtual Heart? Will they share it with me?

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