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Spaghetti from Those With Lucifer Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (c) Morgan Roberts 2008

Spaghetti from Those With Lucifer Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre (c) Morgan Roberts 2008

13th June 2007

Today almost feels back to reality. There is not much left I can do on the film - we really have run out of time. Did the new piece last night and this morning, if Fara can't use it I may have to try again tomorrow, but meanwhile went in to Con for meeting on iOrpheus project and research colloquium which included two confirmation presentations, one of which was interesting and very well done and one which ... wasn't. I have always been fascinated by language and metaphor, I have books of cliches and quotes and the like on my shelves. This might be fairly black and white mind trying to make sense of colour, or it might be just interesting ...

Nice to catch up with some sharp minds again, not that Fara and the musicians aren't sharp, but its a different level.

Starting to panic about marking now - I always need something to stress about.

On my way home to eat spaghetti bolognese (which I cooked this morning), though probably not with the lack of inhibition exhibited above.

What do you call it when you can use two words with the same root and opposite prefixes sequentially in a sentence???

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