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Implications, Further Research

and Coda

This section contains various Implications drawn from the research that will resonate with different groups of readers. These include those who may also be "on the spectrum" or feel the impact of heightened autistic traits, or family and friends, colleagues and collaborators, teachers or students of affected individuls. There are a number of pointers for further research, and many more questions to answer. The section is divided into implications for musicians, students, educators, researchers, family and friends, and for myself, including those with or working with individuals "on the spectrum."

While this section resembles the Conclusions of a traditional format, it also links back into the text via the related posts mechanisms. At the end of the Implications section, you are invited to move on to the Coda. Like its musical namesake, the Coda sums up the dissertation and leaves us with some food for thought. The Coda mirrors the Welcome page, having both an analytic and an evocative voice.