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What about Me?

Clearly the most impacted person from this research has been myself. What have I learned about my own processes? What have I understood about my understanding? This section, made entirely of Black Pages, gives a picture of where I am today as a result of undertaking the research. I have avoided an analysis in this particular section as I see this as very much a stage in a journey. As a person with Asperger's Syndrome there is so much to learn and so much effort to expend, and the process is an ongoing one. As such the posts represent hopes and dreams as much as observed change.

While I present no evidence or make claim for universal applicability, they may ring true for others too. As has been frequently pointed out, autistic traits are common in "ordinary people" as well as those who have sought or been given a diagnosis. So these are hopes and dreams for anyone who struggles or exalts in their differences.

Knowledge is Power

No Excuses