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Literature across Disciplines

As in much innovative research into complex realities, this study touches upon a considerable range of disciplines, creating challenges for a succinct and focussed literature review that is compiled in one place. Autoethnographic research has its history and development, as does music process, collaborative practice and group dynamics. Asperger's Syndrome and Autism also has its own large literature base. Large quantities of peer reviewed research, books, movies and documentaries, community forums and other sources have contributed to this document but given the personal narrative and non-linear form of the presentation I have kept discussion of the literature in this section to a minimum. Discussion on the current state of research and knowledge is embedded deeply in other sections, notably the Rationales, and supporting, complementary and contradictory texts are indicated throughout the body of the work in the Methodology, Insights and Implications.

Here though I have included some relevant discussion on two areas, notably collaborative music making, and the history of research into Asperger's Syndrome.

Reading, Reading, Remembering

Collaboration and Groups

ASD and Asperger's Literature